About FindIT

FindIT, the Forum for Industrial IT Solutions, creates opportunities for small- and medium-sized companies in the region through increased development of skills in the industrial IT area. The initiative aims to prevent the area’s industrial subcontractors from moving to other regions or countries in search of a more capable IT workforce.

By developing a cluster of world-class industrial IT competencies, the region becomes more competetive while retaining and expanding local job opportunities. Among other things, FindIT offers seminars, trainings and surveys designed to map competence needs at different businesses.

The project will contribute to:
  • Strengthen the competitiveness and profitability for small and medium-sized companies with the help of industrial IT expertise
  • Promote collaboration between companies and industries with regards to  industrial IT
  • Generate new methods , products and companies through increased industrial IT competence
  • Attract additional businesses with potential to further develop the region
  • Encourage companies to expand into new markets